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Find out how to properly store food in the freezer. Freezing food is a great way to preserve the fresh flavor and color of vegetables, fruits, and more. Our readers will learn how it’s done and why. These blogs are full of great information.

Freezing Tomatoes

How do I freeze my excess tomatoes?

This Question was sent in by Felicia of New Jersey: Dear Chef Jeff, I’m not the canning type, but I do have a garden and would love to preserve any tomatoes that I have over and above what I can eat fresh. Any suggestions? Can I freeze them, and if so, how do they hold […]

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What do you do with all those GREEN BEANS!

Heaps of beans (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It’s that time of year again when the garden is in full swing!  Every week I have an abundance of something new, this week it’s green Beans. So the question is, “what do you do with all those green beans?”  Well I have a few ideas for you.  I am usually […]

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Saving your small Tomatoes

Anyone that has a garden more than likely planted some type of small tomato such as the grape tomato or cherry tomato or even the Roma plum tomato.  If you had any luck with your plants you more than likely have more tomatoes than you can eat!  So the big question is, “is there a way of saving your small tomatoes […]

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