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Vegetable Storage Guide


Vegetables Look for Vegetables that are… How to Store/Maximum storage time
Artichokes Compact, plump, heavy globes with tight, fleshy scales and good green color. Refrigerate, 2-3 days.
Asparagus Tender, bright green, compact tips. Refrigerate, unwashed, in plastic bag. 1-2 days.
Beans, Lima Well-filled, crisp, dark green pods. Refrigerate, in plastic bag. 2 days
Beans, snap Firm and crisp pods that snap easily. Refrigerate, in plastic bag. 2-3 days.
Beets Medium size, smooth and blemish-free with no soft spots. Cut off tops 2 inches above crown. Refrigerate, in plastic bag. 3-4 days.
Broccoli Compact and green clusters with no show of yellow flowers. Refrigerate, in closed plastic bag. 4-5 days.
Brussel Sprouts Firm, compact and bright green with no signs of worms or lice damage. Trim damaged leaves. Refrigerate in closed plastic bag. 3-4 days.
Cabbage Solid, hard, and heavy for size. Refrigerate in closed plastic bag. 1-2 weeks.
Carrots Firm, clean, of good shape and color. Remove tops, wash. Refrigerate in closed plastic bag. 1-2 weeks.
Cauliflower Heavy and compact with clean, white color and no smudgy spots indicating lice. Refrigerate in closed plastic bag. 2 days.
Celery Crisp; clean, of medium length with fresh looking leaves. Wash, refrigerate in closed plastic bag. 1-2 weeks.
Corn Fresh green husks and cobs filled with milky kernels. Refrigerate if unable to use immediately. Do not husk until ready to cook.
Lettuce Clean, crisp, tender, free from brown areas. Wash, drain, refrigerate in closed plastic bag lined with paper towel.
Mushrooms Young, plump, small to medium, clean, white, with closed caps. Refrigerate on shallow tray covered by moist paper towel. 2-3 days.
Okra Tender, fresh, small to medium pods that snap easily. Cool, moist area or refrigerate.
Onions (all kinds) Firm, well-shaped with dry skins and no sign of sprouting. Keep dry. Refrigerate or store in pantry. 1-2 months.
Parsnip Smooth, well-shaped, small to medium size Refrigerate in plastic bag. 1-2 weeks.
Peas Young, tender pods with bright green color. Refrigerate unshelled. 1-2 days.
Peppers Mature, firm, well-shaped of bright green and/or red color. Refrigerate or store in cool, moist area. 1-2 weeks.
Potatoes, sweet Smooth, firm and bright yellow (sweet potatoes) or reddish orange (yams). Do not refrigerate. Keep cool, dry arid dark. Very perishable.
Potatoes, white Reasonably smooth and clean with no signs of green or sprouting. Do not refrigerate. Keep cool, dry and dark
Spinach Crisp, crinkly, and un-bruised with good green color and no spindly or overgrown stalks. Refrigerate in plastic bag. 1-2 days.
Squash, summer Firm and heavy for size with tender rind. Refrigerate in plastic bag. 7-8 days
Squash, winter Mature and heavy for size with hard, dry rind. Keep cool and dry in pantry. If cut, refrigerate in plastic bag.
Tomatoes Firm and of good color but not over ripe. Store at room temperature (stem end down) until ripe. Then refrigerate.
Turnips Firm, smooth of medium size with few fibrous roots. Remove tops. Refrigerate in plastic bag or store in cool pantry.