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Fruit Storage Guide


Fruit Look for fruit that is… How to Store/Maximum storage time
Apples Firm, of good color, with no sign of brown scald. Refrigerate or store in cool, dry area. (1-2 months.)
Avocados Bright looking with no bruises and just beginning to soften If not soft, ripen in warm, humid place. Do not refrigerate unless necessary. (2-3 days.)
Bananas Plump, bright yellow or red not bruised or split. Ripen at room temperature. May be refrigerated after ripening. (2-3 days.)
Berries Plump, fully ripe, clean, dry, and with no signs of mold. (Check berries at bottom of container.) Discard any bruised berries. Refrigerate, spread on tray, uncovered. Wash just before using. Very perishable.
Citrus fruit Firm, heavy for size. Green tinge does not affect quality. Room temperature (3-4 days) or refrigerate (2-3 weeks).
Cranberries Fresh, plump, firm, with bright color and luster. May be damp but not sticky with fluid. Refrigerate (2-3 weeks) or freeze in original package (8-12 months). Do not rinse until ready to use. Use cranberries from a frozen state, do not thaw
Grapes Plump, ripe, firmly attached to stems. Refrigerate in perforated bag. (1-2 weeks.)
Melons Smoothly rounded with coarse netting on rind of cantaloupes. Sunken and callused scar on stem end. Ripen at room temperature, then refrigerate, wrapped. (Blossom end smells sweet when ripe.) 7-8 days.
Peaches Ripe but firm, free from blemishes or brown decay spots. Ripen at room temperature; then refrigerate, unwashed. (1-2 weeks.)
Pears Firm but not hard, free from blemishes or scald. Ripen at room temperature, then refrigerate. (2 weeks.)
Pineapple Heavy for size, firm, ripe, with sweet fragrance. Center leaves loosen easily when ripe. Do not refrigerate unless necessary to prevent over-ripening. Perishable.
Plums Plump, full colored for variety. Slightly soft with no brownish sunburn. Refrigerate. (1-2 weeks.)