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Self-Basting Oval Covered Roaster #1180

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The Chef’sDesign® high-quality, dual function self-basting covered roaster is one of the finest constructed in the cookware industry. The heavy gauge cast aluminum roaster transfers heat evely and quickly for perfect roasting the roaster works equally well in the oven or on the range top. Brown foods on the range top then cover and finish cooking in the oven to perfection.

Constructed for lasting durability and safety; the stay-cool polished stainless steel handle on the cover is rivited for safety and cannot work loose. Designed for ease of use; the exterior handles of the roaster are large enough to use with oven mits.

Mindful of living healthy; the Chef’sDesign® andodized aluminum meat rack allows fats and grease to drop to the bottom of the roaster.

The premium non-stick interior in roaster and cover make for easy clean-up.

Versatility and durability are signatures of The Premioum Non-Stick Self-Basting Covered Roaster from Chef’sDesign®.

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Self-Basting Heavy Cast Aluminum Oval Covered Roaster with Non-Stick Interior.

18″ (45.7cm) Self-Basting Oval Roaster Part #1180

Oval Covered Roaster Item #1135

Chef’sDesign® Covered Oval Roasters – durable, attractive, functional, professional quality aluminum cookware from the company bringing you heirloom quality cookware since 1915.


Interior: 18″ x 12.5″ x 6.5″ (46cm x 32cm x 17cm)

Exterior: 21″ x 13″ x 11.5″ (53cm x 33cm x 29cm)

  • High dome self-basting cover nestles inside bottom for ease of storage
  • premium non-stick interior in roaster and cover
  • attractive polished exterior
  • polished stainless steel handle riveted for security
  • anodized aluminum meat rack
  • 18 qt (17 Liters) Capacity
  • holds a 25 lb. turkey
  • Works equally well in the oven or on the range top
  • care and use instructions included
  • 10 – year limited warranty

High Dome Self-Basting Cover:

The “dimples” on the inside of the self-basting cover collect rising coking vapors, which dondense on the dimples.  This condensed liquid drips onto the food cooking below, keeping the food completely moist and flavorful without additional basting.  Self-basting covers create a complete slow cooking system.

Oven To Rangetop:

The covered roaster will go straight from the oven to the rangetop for sauce reduction and thickening.  the mirror-like polished finish makes these roasters perfect for presentaion and serving as well.

High Dome Cover Self-Stores:

The self-store cover has been carefully desighned to store upside down inside the roaster, saving a significant amount of storage space.

The Ultimate Non-Stick:

For the ultimate in convenience, cooks will select the non-stick models.  Coated with premium non-stick, this covered roaster is easy to clean, even after years of heavy usage.  Oven safe up to 450° F (232° C).

  • Our heavy cast aluminum covered roaster will not warp, and transfers heat evenly and quickly.

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    Oval Covered Roaster Item #1135

  • Polished stainless steel handle on cover riveted for security
  • High sides make the covered roaster suitable for brasing, stewing and slow cooking with liquids.
  • Covered roaster workes equally well in the oven or on the rangetop.  Brown foods on the rangetop then cover and finish cooking in the oven.
  • Exclusive high dome self-basting cover.
  • All handles are oven safe.
  • Attractive polished finish suitable for serving.
  • Anodized aluminum meat rack included.
  • 50-year limited warranty.
  • Available in three sizes.
  • Premium non-stick interior in roaster and cover.
  • Exclusive optional non-stick wire roaster rack/baskets available.

Based on a traditional Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry design from the 1920’s, Chef’sDesign® Oval Covered Roaster is destined to be the gourmet’s favorite for roasting, brasing, steaming or poaching.

Exclusive Wire Roaster Rack/Basket a Unique Option:

We are the only company to offer these heavy-gauge, non-stick wire roaster rack/baskets.  these are not ordinary wire racks — they fit Chef’sDesign® Oval Covered Roaster perfectly, conforming to the oval shape and high dome cover.  They can also be used with any suitable cookware.  these deep baskets hold roasts, fowl or vegetabes in a perfect cooking position. High handles make removing food simple, quick and effecient.

CHEF'SDESIGN® Roaster Rack/Baskets

CHEF’SDESIGN® Roaster Rack/Baskets


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Dimensions 21 × 13 × 11.5 in


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