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Healthy French Country Bean Soup

I tried this recipe from the American Institute for Cancer Research and it was so good I just had to share!  Not only does it taste delicious but it is very colorful and looks fantastic.  Oh yeah, did I mention it’s a healthy and hearty soup?


2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

1 Carrot, cut in half-moons

1 Rib Celery, Sliced

1 small Onion, chopped in bite-size pieces

1 small leek, chopped in bite-size pieces

3 outer leaves Savoy Cabbage, rolled and cut in 1/2-inch strips

4 cups fat-free, reduced-sodium chicken broth

1 teaspoon dried thyme

garlic clove, chopped

2 cups squash (e.g., butternut), peeled and diced

1 can (15 ounces) chickpeas or white beans, rinsed and drained

1 cup cooked chicken, cut in bite-size pieces (optional)


Heat oil in medium dutch oven or large, deep saucepan.

Saute carrot, celery, onion, leek and cabbage until leaves are bright green and other vegetables start to soften, about three minutes.

Add Broth.  Cover and simmer for 15 minutes.

Add thyme, garlic, squash and beans.  Cover and simmer 15 minutes.  Stir in chicken, if using.

Ladle soup into deep bowls and serve accompanied by toasted slices of whole-grain French bread or other rustic bread.  (This soup reheats well.  It keeps up to five days, covered, in the refrigerator.)

Nutrition Information:

Makes 8 servings (with chicken).

Amount per serving:

123 calories; 3g total fat (2g saturated fat); 18g carbohydrates; 3g protein; less than 1g dietary fiber; 586mg sodium; 425mg potassium.

This is such a beautiful fall soup, before you make substitutions and changes, try it the way it is first, you will be glad you did!

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2 Responses to Healthy French Country Bean Soup

  1. ChefsKitchen November 11, 2013 at 7:41 am #

    Thank you for the Great Recipe. I loved it, it was delicious, pretty and a healthy hearty meal. I am sure my followers will enjoy it as well.

  2. Teresa November 10, 2013 at 6:54 pm #

    Thanks for linking my soup recipe. I love the looks of yours!